Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a service offered by a communications service provider that uses the protocol to provision voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity between an on-premises phone system and the public switched telephone network (PSTN).
We introduces its SIP PBX service to manage multiple telephone numbers using single telephone line.
SIP is considered network technology, as opposed to telephone technology, since its action is happening over a data network instead of a telephone line. These communications don’t necessarily require a telephone at all – any internet-ready device could have the ability to process SIP communications.
Each communication channel in SIP is called a trunk, hence the phrase ‘SIP trunking’. SIP trunking can deliver near-limitless channels to a business.
Benefits of taking SIP PBX services
• Single number can handle multiple calls (30 to 90 calls) which is connected to its end customer by optical fiber link.
• Line will not be busy as it can handle multiple calls.
• Use of only one optical cable brings beauty in the office and its interconnection.
• Better solution for those customers who use multiple telephone line to manage their customer care.
• Benefit able  for School , NGOs,  call center, corporate office, customer support point and hotels, colleges, banks etc.
• Auto call forwarding upon down of SIP PBX service to some already specified number.
What is the Value of  SIP PBX service:
• Easy to manage call and telephone lines at end office.
• Single contact number for the office.
• End user can use the rich features like call management, auto attendants and IVR based service.